Wednesday, October 8, 2008

here's the scoop

for over a year all I have had in my house is 100% whole wheat flour
its all I use when I bake along with my brown sugar or sugar in the raw
i have felt rather proud of my "pure" tendencies and the effort to give my family the best
however when my mother-in-law was here recently she purchased white flour
a whole big 10 kg bag and it is powdery, silkly and bleach bright white
it is so white and bright that it has been calling my name every time I open the pantry
taunting me to try it and taste the difference
so i gave in and made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies with white sugar!
ahhhh! how i have fallen to temptation
the sad thing is, that if I am honest, those cookies really rock
they melt in your mouth, are sweet and tender and plain delicious
i hate to say it but on this one, you can taste the difference that "processing" makes


Kim's Kraziness said...

But are they as healthy as the cookies you make? Aryssa came home raving about how Auntie Darlene cooked! And she's pretty fussy! We've even changed the bread we are buying because of this. I have always been a fan of sugar in the the taste of it! Enjoy your treat of the processed stuff and then give the remainder of your supplies to a shelter. Better still...make them the cookies and give it to them! I'm sure they will be much appreciated!

Jennifer said...

lol, that's funny, i completely know what you mean!