Monday, October 27, 2008

my 3 year-old tarzan

in the middle of school today, papaya says "i am going to see what's the matter with boo-boo, she has a sad look on her face"
so i follow papaya into the family room to find our 3 year-old dissolving into a bucket of tears
surprised by this seemingly unexplained emotion, i sit down on the floor, take her into my lap and ask "what's the matter?"
by this point, she has escalated to full throttle crying
i am completely wrapped up in this
and not paying attention to anything else
(this i learn latter was my mistake)
so i keep trying to find out what's the matter, i speak sympathetically and assure her to talk to mommy and say "tell mommy what's the matter, you won't get into trouble"
well, apparently that was all the encouragement she needed because she then freely offered, "well, i was trying to swing from those (my curtains) and that (the rod) broke" ahhh! i had been had! but the irony of it was so funny, i pulled her closer to me and tried to stifle my laughter
good thing she had the disclaimer "you won't get in trouble" because at that point it was too funny anyway
when asked why she would try that, she said
"i wanted to see if it would break?"
and "mom when my friend comes, it would break if she tried it too!" time mommy might look a little closer before she speaks...

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Lena V said...

Oh this is just to funny, she knew she would get into trouble, but the temptation to try was just to much and she had to try, oh ja, much to her chagrin!