Saturday, October 11, 2008

simply profound

i was in the office this evening, stalling to go upstairs and put the girls to bed
not doing much of anything
"the big cheese" was watching hockey with a couple of friends
then something quietly caught my attention
it was one of those things you can't quite ignore
so i went to follow the sound and as soon as i was out the office door i heard it clearly
the girls were singing upstairs in bugsy's room
all three were on her bed singing and she was teaching them a bible verse
i was stunned, humbled, pleased, thankful
she also made up her own saying and it goes like this:

"truth is God's passage to heaven,
lies are Satan's passage to hell"

after I tucked the younger two into bed I found her furiously scrambling to write it all down (see below). She said "I know it isn't spelled right Mom, but I just needed to get it all out quick so that I wouldn't forget it." In the left margin she wrote "big thing: love God", on the right side it says "always tell the truth", on the bottom she is giving instructions for day to day "love your neighbour as yourself, read bible, and read "Night Lights Bible" (a special kids bible we have)

There is nothing left to say after that! I truly feel blessed!!

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Lena V said...

A profound truth, that none of us can ignore. These things a mother tucks away in a special place reserved just for her children.