Saturday, August 29, 2009

my home pharmacy

Since we got home, I have mostly been home
My counter is littered with vitamins, motrin, decongestants etc
Papaya was out for several days with tonsillitis, today was the first day she was on her feet
The other two have varying degrees of it but nothing quite like their sister
I have decided I need to do something productive and have gone outside to stain our deck chairs
I will enjoy the sun, and hopefully the results!

What's on your counter these days?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

been gone...but now i am back

got home from vacation yesterday
our house is quiet
no more company
no more niece (so sad)
today i hear
my husband working
the washing machine
the dryer
the dishwasher
kids playing
their friends laughing
today we went
to the doctor, papaya might have strep, boo-boo's finger is still infected and needs oral antibotics
around in circles, kind of like a dog, trying to make its bed comfortable again
to a birthday party, so much fun!
today i smell
laundry soap and cleaner
brave flowers who are still blooming
fall in the air
"cherry" from the decongestant bottle
supper on the barbeque whichs really needs attention!
glad to be home!

Monday, August 17, 2009

On Friday, friends of my brother from church, allowed all of us to spend the afternoon enjoying their pool and backyard. It was a great family day and a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. Their dog Sydney got in the action to. Thanks so much to the Prairie Family!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Random vacation shots

We have been busy on our holidays and mostly away from the computer
Doing things like Rainbow Stage and their production of "Beauty and the Beast"
Was absolutely fantastic!
Look at that ceiling! Isn't that amazing?
As we wait for the show, "Little Miss Antipication"
Some summer BBQ's, family time and outdoors
Time at the museum of man and nature
Huddling around fires both inside
and out!
And then some more family time!
And for today that's all because we are off and trying to plan the next outing!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

our trip

Over the last few days we have been confined to the inside of our van.
We drove through 4 provinces, from British Columbia to Manitoba, a mere 26 hours
The girls did well! Since I was busy driving, my niece took pictures.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

butterfly hike

yesterday we went away on a hike
just niece, sil, bugsy, papaya and i
here the girls look up towards us on the observation deck
only niece and i made it up to the falls because it required a little bit of rock-climbing
here is a picture of the way down
a view from the rest stop
and the butterflies that surrounded us while we rested
there were a couple of them, that kept circling around and landing
on my shoe
on niece, as well as SIL and papaya but i didn't get shots of those!
we took some pictures in the old growth forest
found time to be refreshed! all in all a nice break away!

our girls

Summer shots of our three girls.