Tuesday, October 14, 2008

finally done

what can i say?
i am so excited that this quilt is done
it was a Christmas quilt for papaya last year
made it under the tree with no binding
and for many reasons, i haven't found the time to sit down and sew the binding on
this weekend proved the perfect weekend to finish it
we had a glorious Thanksgiving Monday with nothing on the agenda
so i sat in the sun and stitched til it was done
papaya waited eagerly, she has been so patient for it these last 10 months
she was absolutely thrilled when it was done
we had to nail her down to the spot for the picture
then she bounded all the way up to her room and remade her bed
daddy (aka "the big cheese") also hung a shelf above her bed
this shelf has been waiting for longer than the quilt
and is now adorned with her Webkinz (yes they have bought into marketing...ugh!)
this is a close up of the finished quilt
totally different fabric and colours than I usually pick
but the girls really like it
this story is a little bittersweet
see, i made two of these quilts
same pattern, same size, just a slightly different take on fabric
so essentially i have one down and one to go
but what's new? i will always a project, or two or three on the go
life doesn't feel complete without it


He & Me + 3 said...

That quilt is beautiful...I wish I new how to sew & knit & just be crafty, but no such luck...I can't even draw a stick person. Nothing artsy here. Great job!

Kim's Kraziness said...

wow,,,everything you touch turns out wonderful! Ok...the kids will tell us with the exception of the stomppot. :) Papaya is so patient cause she saw it would be worth the wait!!

Aryssa said...

kso auntie darlene i think you will be proud of me ,
i have gotten into sewing.
next week im starting to make a dress !
and im knitting , its kinda crazy , :P

Karina said...

really pretty!