Thursday, October 9, 2008

a fun day

today our homeschool program organized a family fun day
we went to the local pool and rec center and went rock climbing or belaying
the girls had a blast, all three of them were able to manage some part of the course
our youngest was able to join and although she didn't make it to the ceiling
she got high enough that I couldn't touch her feet anymore, she did a lot of bouldering

the older two girls tried alot of different courses and were up by the ceiling alot papaya went up too many times to count, she was the last one begging for just one more run

bugsy was doing lots of runs too but took a real fancy to bouldering on the outside of cave

it was a really fun adventure and of course mom couldn't keep her feet on the ground, i tried my share of runs and they just kept giving me harder ones until finally my arms didn't want to cooperate anymore, I hung up my harness after that! now i should convince rick it would be a great place for a date night....what man wouldn't like that?

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Lena V said...

Oooh this looks like so much fun!