Monday, February 28, 2011

Odd Socks

 When knitting for a 10 year-olds upcoming birthday,
you don't necessarily have to follow the rules or have things match!
 So I put aside my A-type personality,
which likes things "just so" sometimes
And embraced the fun side of these socks,
that I am sure my oldest daughter will just love!
Her sister "approves" of mom's choice of blue and lime green too.
I am thinking it should be a good birthday present!

Ravelled here

Monday, February 21, 2011

button play

I had one package of button hanging around.
Think I won it as a door prize somewhere.
I also had a little time,
mixed with a little creative juice.
So Papaya and I decided to be a little creative.
We snipped the backs off the buttons so that they were flat.
Added some hot glue and a thumb tack.
 Presto!  Super cute, super easy, super fun push pins.
Super girly too...
Here's another way to make them.
About a month ago I made a dozen using brads, which you can find at scrapbook stores.
I just broke the back metal pieces off,
added glue
and a tack.
So much cuter than the regular push pin!

Monday, February 14, 2011

some thoughts

~ amazed that we are in February already, what happened to January?

~ feeling under the weather for days now

~ surprised by the sunlight

~ creating doll dresses

~ blessed by the lives of my 3 girls

~ thankful for a husband who loves me for who I am

~ awed by the beauty of freshly fall snow

~ inspired by color, life, little things

~ thankful for passions, hobbies, friends

~ centered on finding God's will for my life

~ peaceful about where I am in life