Saturday, October 25, 2008

cookie decorating party

here is one of our family's yearly traditions
some years we even do it twice
almost always in fall, and often again at valentines day
we started it a few years ago, and the girls absolutely love it
it is MUCH easier now that the girls are older

how it works is each of the girls invites a few friends
we had 12 today, including my kids
each friend needs to bring a take home box, container of icing and
decorations to share
i bake up a mess of sugar cookies, believe you me, it is a mess

spread out a disposable tablecloth, cookies and decorations

their friends descend upon our house for a couple of hours and create to their hearts content

and then they take home a container full of decorated cookies to eat and share with their family

it really is a fun tradition, one i think we will keep on doing for a few years to come

1 comment:

Aryssa said...

wow, those cookies look VERY sugary . but looks like you guys had a fun day !