Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bangladesh 4

here is some pictures of the big cheese in bangladesh
the first two are from a microcredit school they visited
currently he is in hyderbad, india
they are feeling the constraints there
not allowed to walk alone, eating and sleeping in the hotel
OM shuttles them everywhere
he didn't say directly, but i believe these precautions are because
of the instability in mumbai and thailand
the muslim influence is very clear here, from the loudspeaker calls to prayer
and the treatment of animals (cows, rats and water buffalo) as gods

Saturday, November 29, 2008

do you?

boo-boo and oma were finishing lunch
when boo started talking about her belly button, she asked:
"oma do you have a belly button?"
"can i see it?"
after a little hesitation "okay"
"can i put my finger in it?"
there was no answer to that except side splitting laughter
"well can i?"
after boo-boo checked out oma she informed us that her belly button had been destroyed, but then promptly changed her mind and said it was lost. after a while she felt it coming back, but oma wasn't allowed to get anywhere near it

Bangladesh 3

my husband is now in india
he was not there during the terrorists attacks
he is not in mumbai
he is in hyderbad and they have been assured all things are safe
they were going to a meeting with joseph desouza of OM when he called
that was all the news, he was busy but safe

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bangladesh 2

rick called again this morning, which is actually the end of his day in dhaka
they had a "day off" of sorts, they had a meeting in the morning and spent a day in markets and did touring, it was their only "off" day in the trip
when he arises tomorrow, or when i go to bed, they will be boarding a plane to go to india
he won't be anywhere near mumbai or the attacks, same country, not same city,

they have been assured of safety from what can be seen right now
his time in dhaka was spent in giving medications, where they prayed for people if possible
one day they heard that the secret service was coming to check them out, remember this is a country that is controlled by Muslims, the place they were staying was only 5 km from an elkyda headquarters
at first the thought of the secret service caused concern, later they were pretty sure an agent came in plainsclothes, with a pen and a pad of paper and started to take notes of what they were doing, asking questions, checking things out
however, at the end in very broken english he pointed to his arm and said "lym disease" and held his chest and said "asthma", the man who was talking to him and was sure he was secret service felt compelled to pray for him, so he followed the leading of the holy spirit, took a bold step and prayed, the man left and no harm came to anyone
on another day they also went to the slums
where they saw families and children living in vile conditions
walking through open latrine pits
filthy and dirt, with children as young as mine, caring for their own siblings
no hope, no where to go
in addition to these already desperate, bangladesh is a flood plain and has a rainy season
the only accesible high points of ground in the country are the roads
when it begins to rain, people desert their homes and seek temporary shelter on the side of a road, they grab their six feet of road space and camp out there for weeks at end, maybe even a month, at this time of the year, disease is rampant and many die
many many die........i don't think i can fathom

i sit in a heated house, a comfy chair, with electric lights and a hot cup of tea

i go to the grocery store and pick up my groceries, and oh maybe a starbucks too, just because
do i really understand what it is like to go without? it is said that north america is in a recession! a crisis! is our crisis even comparable? is our "crisis" worth all the air time and discussion that the news stations give it?
and as i sit in my heated, lighted, comfy house i often feel very far from God
i see my bible on the table and pass it by more often than i should
sometimes in the course of my day, it seems that i have so much to do, that well, i don't have time
i often feel apathetic, maybe sometimes even justified in all the things that i have to do
my husband went to bangladesh feeling very similar to that
feeling a bit like God had lost relevance in the day to day and that he was an on-looker spiritually however, being there has re-shown him a very powerful, very real God that is truly active in this world in a way he never comprehended before, he has met with the Lord in a new way
the details of how he meet with the holy spirit are not mine to share, but i believe that when he comes home, he will be more than willing to share them
i know that God is here too, here where i live, where you live
i know that you don't need to go half way around the world to meet him anew
but i also know that my husband is exactly where God wants him right now and that he needed to go, that God wanted him there, that God has things to show and teach him that he didn't even expect
if you think of it, pray for him
with thanks, from me

Bangladesh 1

so rick called on monday morning
he was safely back in dhaka, bangladesh after having a trip to the north
they had visited an orphangan, a micro-credit school and performed a few dozen baptisms
he saw children that were so joy filled at the opportunity to have an education
children who lived away from friends and family with 2 one month breaks in a year
who worshiped with Lord without fear and boldly
in a country that is dominated by Muslims and that rejects Christianity, stifles it
he was so challenged by their faith, inspite of all that they don't have

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

luau party

papaya needed to plan a celebration as part of her homeschool work
she decided on a hawaii party
her choices for food were
snickerdoodles, which she made with oma
(who convienently disappeared from the picture)
fresh fruit with coconut dip
luau punch
the games of the day were suppose to be
hide-and-seek and crazy eights,
but that didn't exactly pan out
everyone had fun and lots of sugar

Small Fryday Contest

MckMama is having a contest (here)
to raise money for string of pearls

check it out to find the details
but more so read the story of pearl
how this couple trusted God with their unborn child
even when it didn't make sense,
how they trust God now
even when they didn't get the answer they wanted,
how they help others,
inspite of their pain
see how they live the hope God has given

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

dinner devoured

dinner tonight was pesto prawn pasta,
garlic bread and caesar salad
i really thought i had made way too much
turns out i was wrong
at the end of dinner all that was left was scraps of salad
when boo-boo was offered it,
she, well,....dug in and enjoyed
gave us all a laugh

Monday, November 17, 2008

not me monday

link to my charming kids blog page here
yesterday being sunday and all
i did not spend most of my day socializing
and this socializing that did not happen, did not start right after church
i did not go out for lunch, certainly did not eat a plate of "delux" eggs benny
and i did not finish before everyone else, including the kids
then in the afternoon i didn't go out to another restaurant
with a friend and have a cafe mocha
and then since i didn't go out twice already
i definately did not go out for a steaming cup of decaf tea in the evening
with another friend and my oldest daughter
really, i couldn't have done that

Sunday, November 16, 2008

mother's heart

i have been trying to pray the 7 x 7 prayers for my girls
i will keep at it, day by day
my hope is that my prayers become unceasing
that prayers flow out of me, instead of quick words
that i pray first, act after
today, my oldest daughter is struggling, hurt by the sin of our world
entering the struggle i went upstairs to her room
i walked around, sat on her bed
and interceeded for her
life is poking her, it is hard to see her hurt
i prayed for protection, understanding, patience, love
and mostly that God would be behind, before, and all around her
this job of's too big
i can't do it on my own
i wish i could align the stars for her
but i can't
i can pray though
and love
and listen
remember when i was there as a child
and keep trusting her to God

Saturday, November 15, 2008

i'm addicted

my very first sock ever
i love it! it was so incredibly fun to make!
gotta make one more so that i can actually wear it
and like the title says "i am addicted"

our "cafay"

oma, mommy and boo-boo went out for coffee and errands the other day
the big cheese had a doctor appointment
opa was attempting to nap on the couch
while papaya and bugsy got creative

i should have known something was up
when bugsy kept calling wondering where
we were and when we would be home

when we finally did arrive they had a "cafay" ready for us
oma was muttering "i don't do tea parties well, help me!!"
but much to even her surprise they did a great job
and all was very pleasant and enjoyable
the table in the kitchen was set
we had water (opa wasn't letting them make tea)
yogurt decorated with chocolate chips
and another with butterscotch chips,
along with cut up bananas
the surprise, we got paid to go! how exciting!
opa was very generous and gave the girls a tip too

Thursday, November 13, 2008

tooth fairy story

when one of our children lose a tooth
everyone in our family knows the tooth goes under the pillow
in the morning there is a bit of fairy dust and a loonie
(that is $1 for any americans)
the tooth fairy is just expected
so when our daughter woke up on wednesday morning
i was in the shower and the important message was
"the tooth fairy didn't come"
"what? impossible?" panic, guilt, ah!
luckily, the big cheese and i can work under pressure
all was saved, see below
apparently when she runs late, her fees double
and papaya got a toonie ($2)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

they're here

so oma and opa are here
all snuggled up tight in bed
opa is already well into slumber
or maybe i should say lumber, as he is seems to be sawing
the girls are so excited
papaya lost her other front tooth
the big cheese has been teaching her the song
"all i want for christmas is my two front teeth"
the tooth fairy missed picking up papaya's tooth though
AH?!! can you believe that?
we couldn't! what is the world coming to?
will tell you how it played out....tomorrow

Monday, November 10, 2008

o canada

papaya learned the national anthem for school
she is very cute singing it
especially since she lost one front tooth last week
and hit the other with a ping pong paddle,
so it is hanging by a thread

touching base

so i feel a little like i dropped off the face of the planet
last week we went to the big city and it was great
other than i had a whooping head cold
i just kept pumping tylenol cold and sinus
if i had been at home i would have been in bed
but i wasn't going to let that slow me down away from home

we ate good food, walked by the ocean, shopped
we also went to an irish pub for supper
where i declined alcohol because of my cold
the waitress nicely offered me blueberry tea
i had no idea! i thought i was getting herbal tea
what i received was MUCH better and definately
had some positive effects on my cold
the connoction is one shot grand marnier, one shot ameretto and stepped black tea was so good and so relaxing
highly recommend it!
then on the weekend i went to a quilt weekend
i managed to get the binding on boo-boo's quilt
that matches papaya's
i also got the top started on another quilt
so i felt like i had actually accomplished something

Monday, November 3, 2008

fly away

turns out that this mommy is getting a break
the big cheese needed to go to the big city
and i am getting to go along too
i am thrilled of the idea of some time to myself
since i fly out in the morning and the big cheese flys in the evening

our girls are staying with friends out of town
and are thrilled about it
bugsy is a little worried about us flying and would like us to drive
boo-boo packed her bag and did a fabolous job
but i tucked in socks and undies afterward
papaya, miss organization, lost her tooth today and looks cute as a button
will show a picture when we get home on thursday
i have to remember to play "tooth fairy" tonight too

have a sinus cold, should head to bed and see if i can kick it

Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween, our day

here is a little view of what our day looked like yesterday

we carved pumpkins

had a bat and her witch join us for trick-or-treat, along with some neighbours

created a jester, a butterfly and jasmine