Friday, October 24, 2008

tea anyone?

feel like a spot of tea?
last night the girls set up a tea party for their special friends
before bed i asked them to move the china
so that no one would knock it over in the middle of the night
this morning when i glanced at the "party"
i realized that almost all the elements
were homemade except this pink bunny and the dishes
the pillow below matches papaya's new quilt seen in an earlier post
the dolls (first and third picture) were bought at a garage sale quite a few years ago,
i made new homemade clothes for them and the girls love them
the quilt (below) is papaya's baby quilt
a friend and i made the puppy dogs in mass a few years ago
for our kids, cousins and friends at Christmas time
and the dishes were given to bugsy by a friend of mine
who thought she would really enjoy them
did she ever guess right on that!
i found the tea party again this morning
after I had dropped my kids off for a fun day at the pool with their friends
since i am a homeschooling mom i don't seem to have a lot of time to get to projects around the house, so i came home grabbed my dust cloth and vacuum and went upstairs to clean! yay!
at some point during the morning i did wonder why i felt so satisfied to be cleaning, while my kids i demented?...thoughts for another day!
so when i came to boo boo and papaya's room and found the tea party i was in a dilemna
i had a need to clean and it was spread out on the floor in a 3" x 4" square
hmmm.....what did i do? what would you do?


Kim's Kraziness said...

I say clean around it! Unfortunately they grow up so fast and those sweet dolly and bear tea parties are only memories! Mind you...I love the wonderful visits over lattes and giggles. Another one of those memories a mommy stores away. It's funny though...I'm cleaning Daniel's room and came upon his Barney and it brought me to tears. I remember rocking him to sleep after he had suffered a bad asthma attack. Sweet memories!

Journeying Five said...

i can honestly say that i cleaned around it :)