Thursday, October 23, 2008

poor barbies

as the girls went outside today they grabbed their barbies
at first i kind of rolled my eyes (i know i teach my kids not to do that)
but i perish the thought some days of all the clean up
a while later though, i was walking past the window and it made me smile
to see them playing in the leaves and it made me laugh because the poor barbies were still dressed in shorts and capris with no thought of the season change!
good thing i put their summer clothes away
otherwise they might have been outside in shorts too
i took some shots of the front of my house
i absolutely love house flags and this might be my favourite one of the collection
unfortunately it seems like we whip through fall and into .....
oops, can't say that word yet! okay! maybe i just won't
no, i am most definately not in denial about seasonal changes
this is the front of our house
once we buy our pumpkins, no pumpkin patch here
the girls carve one each and we set it out on the front bench
then light them on Halloween


Kelly said...

So cute about the Barbies! My daughter loves Barbies too. She likes to make dresses for them out of washcloths!

I am sorry you don't have a pumpkin patch to go to. At least you have pumpkins and it sounds like you have good times carving them for Halloween. Post photos of them if you get the chance!

Liz said...

That photo of your girls is darling!