Thursday, October 16, 2008

i did it all by myself

okay so their is a little history to this post
about 18 months ago i decided that our master closet need a serious revamp
the shelves and dowels in the closet were all made from rough lumber
nothing was square or "plumb"
so i ripped, stripped, filled, sanded, primed and painted
then i measured for and bought a closet organizer
our closet is a basically 6' x 8'
so i had the organizer go around on three sides
afterwards i had one bare wall
last winter i decided i would make a hook rack
to get the "transition" clothing (worn, but not dirty) off the floor
so i found a piece of lumber and routered, stained and varathaned it
then i had a REALLY bright idea!
i asked my wonderful husband if he could hang the hooks on it
while he watched hockey one night
well, many games of hockey passed, playoffs came and went
and now we are into a new hockey season
so today i decided to get it done by myself
and it turned out great

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