Tuesday, October 21, 2008

tuesday the terrible

today feels terrible
yesterday felt terrible
Sunday was bearable
i feel grumpy, unmotivated, blah and depressed
i have been sick
feels like i am the only person in this place
the weather is overcast and gray and i feel chained to the things i have to do everyday
the laundry is unfolded on top of the washer and another load is unfolded in the washer
i haven't vacuumed, i need to rake, haven't even considered what's for dinner
and i perish the thought of exercising today
i feel like an observer and wish i had that magic wand my daughter talked about
i just want to crawl back into bed
sigh...how do you get past this?
honest thoughts albeit not happy ones today

1 comment:

Aryssa said...

awe, i wish i was there to give you a hug ! love you