Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Half way around the world

So in the last months, the rick and I have felt a little restless and have wondered what to do this fall and winter.

For those who don't know, our summers are so busy with our business and work there is not time for much else. We literally put our noses to the trees in May and emerge again sometime in August.

We had been thinking that maybe this winter our family could do a missions trip and we had been doing a little bit of searching to that end. The answer we got was different in two ways...it wasn't for our whole family and it involves a part of the world we never even considered.

To summarize rick is going to Bangladesh at the end of November. He is going with a group of men mostly from BC and Alberta to look at supporting local business men. This is a introductory trip to this area. It is an exciting opportunity and unbelievable at the same time. We will keep you posted on the details.


Aryssa said...

awe thats so exciting ,
i am really hoping our youth group will be having a short term missions trip soon. cause i could go now that i am senior high youth. and also i wanna know what its like , see if missions is something i really wanna do.

Lena V said...

I am not at all sure I like this, but it will be very exciting. Really something to look forward to!