Sunday, October 11, 2009

not so much

Some days you are a success. You feel like a culinary genius when you make something out of nothing. Other days not so much. Sometimes another person has a fresh, or maybe just new, perspective on things. Like today at lunch.

Last night I had made Beef, Chickpea & Tomato soup for supper. I had wanted something warm and comforting for supper. We had spent the afternoon doing yard work and as much as I hate to say it, I was cold when I came in at 5:00. So I threw on some biscuits and we had a delicious supper, everyone was happy, no one complained.

Fast forward back to lunch today. We came home from church with one daughter gone to play and another bringing home a friend. That soup was the perfect leftovers for lunch. At least we all thought, Boo-boo's friend not so much!

The conversation went something like this:

Little friend, fiddling with spoon on her tongue, "I don't like chicken!"

Me, "Well, that's good because this soup doesn't have chicken"

Little friend, who is as cute as can be "Yes it does!"

Me, "Nope just beef, no chicken"

Little friend, thinking "Hmm, I don't like beef"

Boo-boo decides to enter conversation "I LOVE this soup, this is my favorite soup. I don't like all the other soups, but I like this one!"

Little friend, not to be outdone of course "No, I do not like this soup. I like all the other soups, but I do not like this one!"

I almost snorted! Yes, I have done that before.

But seriously, how can you get mad at a 4 year-old who is being honest and doesn't realize that they could possibly be offending someone? To her she was just stating the obvious. It almost read like a book. Sort of had a pattern and a rhyme. Was the logical reply to her friends comments.

Make me laugh! What a good way to keep someone humble. I hope that whatever you might be eating this Thanksgiving weekend brings you comfort and maybe a few laughs along the way.


Stephanie said...

That's right it is Thanksgiving in Canada. What are your traditions for Thanksgiving? Hope you and your family enjoy the Holiday!

mmichele said...

The soup sounds good to me! But I do always realize when my kids have friends over that I might cook "weird" and so I tell friends that they don't have to eat what I cook... there's usually a piece of toast for them to chew on. My OWN kids, on the other hand....

Jessica said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

stitching under oaks said...

that cracks me up! I always hope my kids aren't saying those kinds of things when they are at a friend's house...but you never know! Hopefully if they do say'll be taken in love the way you did. (i think the soup sounds great!)

crochetgurl said...

How funny! But I bet the soup was yummy. :-)

Eva said...

That made me chuckle. I think the soup sounds delicious!

Renee said...

Maybe she'd have preferred green eggs and ham? She sounds honestly adorable. :)

Christina said...

Hehe...heheheh...that's too funny!