Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my monkey

I have a little 4 year-old that I am sure has turned into a monkey.

Last week she presented me with a book that she wanted to read.
Thing was, that book was on top of the book shelf. Not even on one of the shelves.
When quizzed she admitted that she stood on the back of the couch to get it.
"It wasn't hard Mom!"

The other day one of her sister's awoke to hear money clinking from a piggy bank.
This piggy bank is on top of the fridge.
We didn't catch her red-handed because we were sleeping in.
So later when she showed us the money she had for her change purse, we asked where she got it.
Her first reaction was a speechless uh-oh look and then she dissolved into tears.

Yesterday I was coming through the living room and caught her profile on a chair in front of the buffet, reaching for something on one of the shelves.

Who's child is this? She swings up into trees and crawls up onto counters in a blink. I think I am just lucky that she didn't see her daddy doing this!


Christina said...

That used to be me. Or maybe still is; when you're only 5' 2" tall, counter climbing skills are invaluable for getting things off of those high shelves. I just have to make sure I don't do it in front of my two-year-old. : )

Stephanie said...

I did the same thing at her age, I can remember climbing on everything. Just like Christina I'm 5'3" and I still climb things!
Maybe she'd enjoy rock climbing. :)