Friday, May 8, 2009

sieze the day

so we went to the park today! the weather wasn't exactly perfect but sometimes you realize that if you wait for perfect you could be waiting along time
i brought a book, intending to read for a while and instead started snapping pictures
it was a very nice trip out of the house
today i have had my fair share of caffeine which probably accounts for being up at midnight
8:30 am - a friend brought by a coffee
11:00 am - i picked up an iced mocha when running errands, felt a twinge bad
9:00 pm -hubby brings home a chai after a long day of work
12:00 midnight - i am awake! hmmm?


Stephanie said...

Great photos! I was up late last night too, but my caffiene high came from chocolate...too much of it!!

Big Daddy said...

I remember you picking me a Timmy's coffee probably within an hour of me arriving....then daily Starbuck's runs or was it twice daily....Will need to do that when you are here this summer

Christina said...

Charming photos! Sometimes the not-too-perfect days at the park are the very best.