Monday, May 11, 2009

complaining about her BFF

Today my oldest daughter had a complaint about her BFF.
"Mom, Jesse isn't being any fun today at all! I made us a fort and he doesn't want to play! What's the matter?"
I am not sure how many of you have a golden retriever. If you don't, you might not understand the love of their life. Their BFF my just be a plain old tennis ball. It can keep our dog happy and distracted for a very long time. If he is chewing it, I wish you luck trying to get it. Unless you are wishing to play fetch until your arm is ready to fall off.
It was when Jesse was in the middle of loving his tennis ball that my daughter thought a fort might attract him. All set up, ready to go! Yet she can't convince him to move an inch. I personally think he has gone into selective hearing mode.
I thought I would try to get his attention. For one moment he stopped chewing and checked out what was up. Just one brief moment.
Because the next second, he was sinking his teeth back into that yummy, wet, slobbery tennis ball.
Like really can't you just taste the goodness! I need to close my eyes and just soak it in!
Now I am sure that he has gone to a far away, happy place and is just loving the moment. Poor dog he really does have a rough life!
Look I can chew laying down!
Even upside down! Oh yah!
After realizing her BFF was still completely ignoring her, someone thought a little love and kisses might change her dog's mind!
What? You are still there? You still want me to play fort? Oh man, do I have to?

Guess who won? And who looks happy now?


Stephanie said...

Great post and pictures. Your dog looks so happy with that tennis ball and looks just so thrilled to be in a fort. I love your daughters rain boots too!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Gorgeous pictures of Jesse! Looks like he is the perfect BFF!

Kelly said...

I love the indepth pictorial of your BFF enjoying that tennis ball! They really tell the story well. Nice photos!

Christina said...

I love this series of photos! The expressions on your daughter's and golden retriever's faces are priceless.

Kristyn Knits said...

how cute!
the pictures you captured of your dog are great! maybe she'll want to frame up her bff.

stitching under oaks said...

great fun post. your dog is beautiful and your daughter is too....glad she doesn't give up easily.