Sunday, May 10, 2009

my 3 little blessings!

today is mother's day
with the business that we own our spring and summers are very busy
so my husband wasn't even home today
that's okay, he gave me a little something yesterday
this week though the girls have been scheming and making things
i was instructed where i couldn't look during the week
sometimes i honestly forgot and i would have someone screeching
"don't look in there"
this morning i was happily sleeping and all 3 of them got up early to get things ready
i guess it was too early for me (before seven) because when bugsy opened the blinds and yelled "happy mother's day", i told her to close the blinds and let me sleep! not exactly a very motherly response! oops! to put it in perspective i went from fully asleep to fully awake in 2 seconds!
they then graciously waited another 45 minutes and i awoke to my face being stroked and all three of them on my bed staring at me in anticipation! "wake up mom" they cooed and for some reason i could hardly get my eyes unglued
this time they were determined and got me sitting up right, even if i wasn't seeing straight
then they showered me with handmade gifts and love, papaya gave me a back rub (i was tempted to fall back a sleep) and bugsy made me breakfast!
after church this morning , they played happily all afternoon
helped with clean-up after supper
and we had time for a family game before bed
i feel so blessed that God has given us our 3 girls
i have learned, grown and been stretched by them in so many ways
i am so glad that i am a mom and that i can be at home with them!


stitching under oaks said...

what wonderful kids to bless you so richly. You have obviously poured into them just as richly. Happy Mother's Day!

Philigry said...

so sweet. i feel so lucky to be at home, too. so glad you had a great day.

Kristyn Knits said...

a belated Happy Mother's Day! glad you were showered with blessings!

Christina said...

Your story made me smile and smile for various reasons. Partly in anticipation of my future mother's days and party in memory of some of my own exhuberant (and early in the morning) celebrations as a child.

Louise said...

It sounds as though you had a lovely day! I've only been celebrating mothers day for myself for 5 years and I'm just loving that I can finally 'join in' :)