Friday, May 15, 2009

kids say the craziest things

I was tucking my girls into bed
At the door I stopped and said
"Don't let the bed bugs bite"
One of my girls replied with,
"Don't let the pillow pandas paint your panties pink and purple!"
My goodness!? Where do they come up with this stuff?
Sometimes they just make me laugh!


Stephanie said...

Too funny! I guess I better watch out for those pillow pandas!!:)

raining sheep said...

Kids are soooo funny. Honestly, where do they get these sayings. Purple and pink panties...hahahahaha.

stitching under oaks said...

that's hilarious. you've gotta wonder at some of the things they say! I'd say your girls have a good handle on alliteration.

Liz said...

Very cute. Her teacher would be thrilled to hear that alliteration!

Kim's Kraziness said...

Wow...something their mommy would have said when she was a little girl!!!