Monday, May 18, 2009

a four year-old fascination

Boo-boo seems to think that picking worms
is much more fun than picking rocks!
This morning while we were doing yard work
we kept losing her attention to the poor cute worms.
"Aw, look-it Mommy, aren't they cute?"
Hmm?? Nope!
I can handle picking up worms and slugs with my gardening gloves,
but there isn't anyway I am going to hold a pile of slimy wriggly ones in my bare hands.
Yuck! Aren't things like this suppose to be left for the boys?
Here is our yard work. We had a whole section of dead grass. My hubby had shovelled the snow off of it this winter and consequently there was a lot of winter kill. I raked out all the dead grass and moved a whole pile of soil to cover it. Unfortunately it was full of rocks and was a way bigger job than I intended.
At least it is done now and ready for grass seed. Our dog likes it too!


Stephanie said...

Ewww...worms! I can barely touch them with gardenig gloves on, yuck!

stitching under oaks said...

worms I can handle...just not birds. Isn't that funny? Anyways, I think that patch of dead grass looks like a flower bed ready to happen! :) (just sayin')

Meg said...

Last week I planted some tomatoes, and both of my daughters came over to gather up the worms that were turning up--I was so surprised that they were both into it! My son was nowhere to be found. They did return the worms to the ground when they were done--those worms have work to do!

Louise said...

My daughter (also 4) loves worms and snails and lizards and mud! And my almost 2yo son can't stand getting dirt on himself, it's so funny as I always imagined it would be the other way around :)