Sunday, May 24, 2009

i'm back

Well we are back! So good to sleep in my own bed last night.

Our family had quite the adventure for 3 1/2 days away! When we left on Wednesday we didn't manage to get to our bush camp until 10 pm in the evening, once we had the girls settled I didn't crawl into bed until 11 pm. Needless to say, 4:15 am wake up the next morning was a little hard to take. Because we got into camp so late I never even got into the kitchen to get fully detailed. I just knew I was making egg mc'muffins. Thankfully the first morning, my hubby came into the kitchen and helped me assemble them as I fried dozens and dozens of eggs.

The in's and out's of being in a bush camp and cooking for 55 very hungry people are too great to detail. I will say that my girls were real troopers and played hard and well for three days. It was a delight to see them outside and keeping themselves entertained. Mommy had a few squirmishes to solve, but not many. They found a pond with frogs and tadpoles and had an absolute blast!

As for me, here is what I made for supper while I was away. This doesn't include breakfast etc.

Day One

Pork Chops with Ginger Orange Sauce
Tofu & Carrots with Ginger Orange Sauce
Steamed Rice
Lentil Vegetable Soup
Green Salad with Honey Dill Dressing
Oxaco Bean Salad

Day Two

Chicken with Mushroom & Onion Sauce
Garlic Bread
Green Salad with choice of French Dressing or Parmesan Vinagerette
Tuna Provencal Pasta Salad
Vegetarian Minestrone Soup

Day Three

BBQ Farmer Sausage
Julienned Vegetable Salad with Balsamic Walnut Vinagerette
Caesar Salad
Cuban Black Bean Soup
Broccoli, Tofu and Sesame stirfry

After hanging up my bush apron about 13 years ago I never really thought I would cook out there again. However, being out there made me realize a few things:
  • It is hard work and long days! I was in the kitchen for about 17 hours a day. Given another shift I probably could whittle that down to 13-14 hours.
  • I am not as young as I use to be! I am sure that I was making supper for kids, or at least they looked like it!
  • I realize why I enjoyed cooking in camp all those years is gratifying to feed a camp of planters well and having them satisfied, content and thankful!
  • Even though I am glad I went for these three days, I am grateful for my desk job back home that keeps our business running from behind the scenes!

Well that my friends is a wrap. I need to find a pillow, lay down my weary head and look at my seriously filthy pile of laundry tomorrow.


Lena V said...
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Lena V said...

I knew you could still do it! Way to go! I am sure the girls have quite a story to tell. Glad you are all safely home again.

Stephanie said...

Wow, you really did a lot of cooking! I think you need to go out for dinner tonight!

stitching under oaks said...

that is amazing. I knew you were more than able to handle the challenge. I'm sure you blessed those hungry campers so much!