Thursday, February 26, 2009

what's been keeping me busy

we have been a little busy around here lately
we decided a while ago to paint these rooms
and are just getting around to the prep
we are doing school in the middle of this mess,
so i won't mind when things are back to where they are suppose to be
the jury is still out on the colour
i like the gingerroot and cork by themselves,
but they are a little bit too much with all the wood in the kitchen
hope to have it decided soon, because then maybe we can paint on the weekend
we took the railing off the stairs to fix the wall
it had big seam on it that had popped because of bad drywalling job previously
it would have taken a bucket of mud to fix it,
that wasn't a viable option
so we started from scratch


Renee said...

The Benjamin Moore dealers will tell you what their computer says are the perfect paint colours to use with one you really like a lot.
I think you can do that on line too. They have a virtual paint program so you can sort of preview your choices.
Happy painting!

Tilly said...

We're just about to embark on some serious decorating. Your photo's reminded me of how much prep we need to do! Gorgeous mittens btw.