Friday, February 6, 2009

here comes mischief

you know it is a good thing that God gave us this girl
life just wouldn't be the same without her
she makes me laugh more often than i can think of
and gets into "clever" mischief
today the big cheese and bugsy had just left
the phone rang and i was talking to oma
i came back into the kitchen about 10 minutes later
to find boo-boo under the kitchen table
i said to my mom "oh, it looks like someone is up to something"
at that point the culprit looks up and gives me her charming smile
until I actually get close enough to see what she is doing
this is what was keeping her busy
she had found a marker and coloured all 10 of her finger nails
at this point i thought it was permanent marker
i had to look away several times because i couldn't help myself from laughing
this is her drowning her tears and soaking her nails

and this is the result of ten minutes of soaking and scrubbing with a dish brush
so much for water soluble markers...should write staedtler about that


Renee said...

My youngest did that recently too... but she's 14!
Real mischief?? When one of my cousins was about your daughter's age she decided to cut her sister's hair. And did. Poorly. That is Mischief with a capital M!

raining sheep said...

That is sooooo funny! I love it! I have two boys and man, when they were little they were constantly in trouble. When they were two and four, they flushed my watch (my favorite one) down the toilet.

stitching under oaks said...

too precious!

Kelly said...

That's so funny ... and yet my heart goes out to her. It's hard to grow up isn't it?