Thursday, February 5, 2009

latest project

here is the quilt top that was in the box a few weeks ago
i pulled it on a couple of nights ago and decided that i really wanted to finish it
so i started on the last set of borders and got them on that evening
i think it turned out really well
it is a lot brighter than i usually do, so it was a nice change
the quilt was put together by sewing light and dark strips together
then cutting them in opposite light/dark triangles
then four triangles are sewn into squares
the quilt is for our trailer, remember we live in the north
would you use wool batting and flannel
cotton batting and minky?
will show more when it is quilted and the binding is on...might be awhile though!?


a friend to knit with said...

wow. this quilt is spectacular. i love how bright it is for dark grey days!

Denise said...

that is a beautiful quilt. I wish I had the patience to even try to learn! I'm in awe when I see work like this - just amazing!

mmichele said...

if it's for the trailer i would go with what is toughest and warmest. for those snuggly nights that have a chill in the air.

it is lovely! keep it up with the brights!

Renee said...

Your quilt top is gorgeous! Love all the bright colours.

My fav. quilt batting is 'Warm & Natural' brand.

stitching under oaks said...

that's a gorgeous quilt. The colors are so stunning together. great work!

Kate said...

This is just beautiful, I never get tired of the brightness of batiks.