Monday, February 2, 2009

snow day

we awoke to find our world blanketed in snow, yet again
it really makes for a peaceful morning, a nice start
these pictures are taken from our deck door
other than homeschool, we pretty much had a snow day
we shovelled and stomped, made a sled run
the girls made a snowman
changed into dry clothes
we read books
drank mocha's
played a family game
cuddled in warm PJ's under homemade quilts
a good day that way
just no crafting....but lots and lots of thoughts of what i want to do


stitching under oaks said...

wow! you all got a lot of snow. if it's not going to be spring, i want that kind of we can have that kind of day. sounds like it was a wonderfully relaxing day!

Holli said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog -- and I can't recommend Heather's needle roll more! It's nice to "know" another reader :)

Love the snow and the description of your homeschool snow day! lovely.

Gudrun Johnston said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...bizarre to come to yours and see all these photos of so much snow! Sounds like your enjoying the cozying up though!

Queen to my 3 Boys said... to enjoy 'snow days' - mostly from inside by the fire. *wink*

Anonymous said...

I love snow days and the things you can do either in or out. We are having such a day today!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Philigry said...

beautiful pictures!

Karissa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog so much and leaving comments! I do appreciate it!

As for the sock creature I posted on 1/9, I don't have a pattern or a link--it was a craft just taught by a friend of mine. However, it looks really similar to the creatures on the cover of the book Stupid Sock Creatures. I would also recommend one of the other sock-to-softie books that are available, like Sock and Glove or Stray Sock Sewing. Happy crafting!

Renee said...

What lovely snow pictures!! Sounds like a great day. :)

raining sheep said...

Oh it looks like the perfect day. I love being outside in snow and then coming inside into a cozy home and just warming up. That snowman is so cute...beautiful pictures.

Jessica said...

That seems like the perfect way to spend a snowy day!

Louise said...

What beautiful photos :) I can't even imagine being that cold at the moment, we've been having a terrible heatwave and bushfires in Australia at the moment, I wouldn't mind some of that snow!