Monday, February 9, 2009

full moon

today was one of those days when you wonder "what's up?"
school went well overall and the girls finished up early
i got a noon kickbo class in,
which is a treat because it usually doesn't happen
but all three of the girls seemed to be getting under
each others skin today
all day
just before supper i had heard enough of the whining
and said out loud, to no one in particular
"is it a full moon or something?"
i stopped and then thought "why not check?"
so i made my way over to the calendar...and it was!
so bizarre! not sure i really believe that the moon has that much "sway"
but it was pretty funny and coincidental


mmichele said...

i think it does! it causes the tides and we are mostly water so... who knows what it's doing?

Renee said...

Who knows, but a cute coincidence! :)