Friday, January 30, 2009

pay it forward

Renee started a paying it forward exchange
when i read her blog, i thought it was a great idea and joined along
if you haven't seen the movie pay it forward the concept works like this
when someone has done a good deed for you
rather than doing something nice in return to that person
you pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else
how it works on my blog is i will send handmade gifts to the first 3 people who also commit to pay it forward by posting in the comments that you'd like to join
(leaving a comment won't commit you!
only if you say specifically that you want to join)
these gifts will be made especially from me with the intent to be something special
they will be sent out within the next 6 months
in return you post a pay it forward promise on your blog
or if you don't have a blog through your email
and then send out your handmade gifts within your 6 month time frame.
if you'd like to play be sure to mention what colours you like
along with your email, if i don't have it
want to join? i'd love to make you something special!


Renee said...

Isn't this a great concept?! Thank you for playing along with me. I'm thrilled to be Paying It Forward to you, and that you'll Pay It Forward to 3 other people.
Have a great day!

mmichele said...

I will play along... I can't resist the temptation of something you've made. And I do promise, and so solemnly swear, that I will find a way to pay it forward!

Aryssa said...

oh gee , I'll join in on the game! this is a really neat idea! =]