Tuesday, January 20, 2009

in the hospital

boo-boo and i spent the morning in the hospital
this morning she awoke crying with a sore neck and stomach
after a bath she passed out on the bathroom floor
things weren't adding up ... is this meningitis? should i panic?
nurse help line told me to call 911 once i told them her symptoms
so i dropped everything and quickly got her to the hospital
they ran a lot of tests, they could tell she had an infection
but they just couldn't tell where it was
finally the doctor ordered a chest x-ray
it was then they found that she has the start of pneumonia
as for "passing-out" her blood sugar had dropped considerably
so 3 hrs later, after needles, x-rays, tests etc we went home
with a prescription for antibotics and a much more relaxed heart
now boo-boo is sitting in the living room singing "Jesus loves me"
things are getting back on track


Kim's Kraziness said...

Glad everything is okay. We will be praying she gets healthy quickly!


Auntie Kim

Big Daddy said...

Wow! Scary times as your heart bangs against your chest, nothing else matters. It is you, your daughter and God. Praise the Lord she is on the mend and signing "Jesus Loves Me". That is cool that even with everything that happens she knows that Jesus loves her.

Kelly said...

Being a parent can be so scary sometimes! I am glad your little girl is okay and on the mend.

Renee said...

Wow, that's so upsetting. Good to hear the doctors could figured out what's going on and she can get meds to mend.
She's in our prayers.