Friday, January 23, 2009

opinions anyone?

we are wanting to paint the kitchen, hallway and living room
since we moved in 4 years ago we haven't touched any of those rooms
they all need some paint
the kitchen currently has these bright tiles and green counter top
neither are my favourite but there is no budget to change them right now
so, whatever we paint needs to work around this
any ideas? suggestions?
here is the dining room, it is one room with the kitchen
the red wall (from the previous owners) has worn out its welcome
and needs a change
would love to change that rose carpet too.....

anyways i am open to any ideas!


raining sheep said...

Well,....your kitchen tile has what I think is a honey color yellow (I am assuming your camera captured the color correctly. I think honey color yellow (that is a warm yellow, not a lemon yellow) is an amazing color. I used to have it in my condo prior to my buying my house and I loved it. The condo always looked bathed in sunlight. It might work with your kitchen and would most definitely complement the for the pink carpet...well, I agree with you, that does need to go. Wood or a neutral broadloom would be the way to go.

Renee said...

I rather like your kitchen tile, it's bold. I agree with Raina, a nice shade of deep gold or ginger to complement the wood in your house would be lovely. Something like Benjamine Moore's Cork in the kitchen and Ginger Root in the dining area. I'd pull the same wood flooring from the kitchen/dining area into where your pink carpet is with an area neutral sisel rug in the sitting area.
Your home looks lovely!

Aryssa said...

i dont really have any suggestions cause im not this greatest at that stuff (even though i took housing this semester) BUT !! i will tell you looking at these pictures just makes me miss the summer and you guys SO SO much more . cannot wait to see you guys again . im considering starting a countdown =)

Big Daddy said...

It won't hurt to go to the store and get some colour swatches and see what you like.

Is there hardwood floors under the carpet?

Journeying Five said...

oh i already have colour swatches, i like to collect those and for info our laundry room is painted rawhide (BJ), our office is gingeroot (BJ) and our family room is muslin (BJ). maybe i should see if I could post those colours on my blog.

Sue said...

I have my whole house painted in a creamy yellow color, as I dont like white walls. It allows in plenty of light and is very welcoming too. You could always paint the red wall a beautiful mushroom brown color which would probably match the rose colored carpet too.

Aryssa said...

i think you should paint it yellow, the one in the glass tiles. than you can get uncle rick to buy you pretty sunflowers and it will all match =]