Monday, January 5, 2009


feel a little like i have been missing in action
we took a few days to get away
went to a hotel for one night, stayed with friends for another two
the change from home was actually quite nice
especially since during the holidays we spent alot of time relaxing around home
now we are back at it
homeschool, book-keeping, laundry, baking
however, when the big cheese reappears we may go for a family ski
as i head into the new year,
i realize that i am not a person for resolutions
they don't work, usually add more frustration then they are worth
but i really feel like i have a heartfelt, unwritten desire to
reduce internal clutter
what does that mean?
not entirely sure...but some things i think are:
pass on things that aren't being used
say "no" when needed
finish projects on the go
spend time in my bible
get sleep
sit, have a chai, chat with a friend
stitch more, knit often
listen to children's stories, laugh
play a game, build a snowman
go to the beach
slow down, i don't want to miss all the beauty around me
beauty in my children, husband and world
beauty and blessing of each day


Kelly said...

These are all very good goals to aspire to. I hope you are successful!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Sound like some wonderful "non-resolutions".

You can't go wrong with more relaxation or more family time. *wink*