Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i just finished up a couple of knitting projects in the last few days
will post pictures soon
i have absolutely no projects on the needle
wow! before christmas i had four!
so....being the loving and thoughtful wife i am
i say to my wonderful husband "how about i knit you some felted mittens?"
response "would that be gloves or mitts?"
me "mitts of course, i am not doing all the fingers"
response "well can you tell me what they would look like"
me "well they knit really big, but then they felt to your hand size and are really warm! look, here is the extra yarn i would use"
response "would they be slippery inside?"
me "uhh....i don't know, i didn't think mitts were slippery!"
response "well i don't really wear mitts to often because i don't like when they slide on the steering wheel!"
me "well that's not the inside!"
response "okay the palm, do you think you could sew something into the palm? maybe a patch of something to not make them slippery?"
me "well, probably!"
response "do they take a long time to make?"
which at this point i intrepret as "am i off the hook if i don't like them?"
me "this isn't fun anymore, i think i am going to bed!"
sigh...i didn't think mitts could be so, well, particular
maybe i might just make some thrummed mittens for myself instead!


mmichele said...

who knew?

Aryssa said...

hahaha. i can totally see uncle rick saying that too! :P funny funny.