Thursday, January 15, 2009

papaya's sweater

this is papaya's Christmas sweater
even though it wasn't ready for Christmas or even in our house
i had a little bit of difficulty finishing it off
this is an ella rae pattern and i used kathmandu aran yarn
i was happy with both until i needed to finish it
the pattern instructed to have a moss stitch border
which i made and re-made three times
once on the sweater it made the final project bulky and it wouldn't lay flat
i was really frustrated given the self-imposed time crunch
however, oma came to the rescue
i mailed the sweater to a big prairie city
once the border was pulled off, she used her crochet skills to give it a nice unbulky finished edge
thanks oma!
here is oma's finishing touches


Kim's Kraziness said...

Turned out beautifully!!! You and Oma make quite the team!

Aryssa said...

okay now its time to make your favourite neice one , =)

Journeying Five said...

maybe you have to bribe the yarn and a starbucks card?! might think about it then!

Kelly said...

The sweater turned out just lovely! Congrats! I am glad you shared the finished product.