Sunday, January 25, 2009

completed & started

here is one of my wips in progress finished! yay!
when i finished the first sock i had a feeling it wouldn't have a mate
unless i really determined to get started
so on a cold winter day in january, while we were on a road trip i started
i am wearing them now and i have very happy toes!
learned alot doing this project, as it was my very first time using four needles
they are alot of fun and i would definately do socks again
i made them using berroco sox, colour 1476
this is my next project that is currently already on the needles
thrummed mittens
these ones are going to be for me because my indecisive husband couldn't decide if he wanted felted mittens or not! he is missing out!
i have had the wool for quite some time, but my inexperience with double pointed needles kept me from tackling the project
the wool and roving are from Fleece Artist
and it is sold together as one ball
am excited to see how it turns out...will keep you posted!


Kim's Kraziness said...

I envy you.....I wish I could knit! No talent there....grandma's mittens are a treasure....i have one pr left.

Renee said...

Great socks!

Kate said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! We are leading parallel knitting lives... I finished my first socks last night and next up I am starting on some thrummed socks. Can't wait to see how your mittens turn out!

raining sheep said...

Those are amazing socks!! Are they that self-patterning yarn or did you actually make those patterns with stranding? The colors are great - so vibrant.I am knitting a pair of gray-blue ones right now but the color is boring me a little bit.

Journeying Five said...

it is a wonderful self-patterning yarn...i never would have finished if they had to be stranded!

Sue said...

Those socks look great. I love knitting socks but hate doing the long rows for the legs and the foot. At least now I have started doing patterned socks and it breaks up the boredom a little bit.

stitching under oaks said...

wow! great socks! I can't believe that was your first venture into using multiple double points! wonderful job!

Lena V said...

Great looking socks, another project done. Good for you

mmichele said...

I love those socks with all my heart and all my feet.

Kelly said...

Those socks look great! It's funny because I am working on a pair of self-patterning socks right now and it is my first experience using four double point needles. Seeing these are inspiring!

Jessica said...

Knitting socks is my favorite thing to do...although it always seems to take me forever. I love the yarn you used!