Monday, November 3, 2008

fly away

turns out that this mommy is getting a break
the big cheese needed to go to the big city
and i am getting to go along too
i am thrilled of the idea of some time to myself
since i fly out in the morning and the big cheese flys in the evening

our girls are staying with friends out of town
and are thrilled about it
bugsy is a little worried about us flying and would like us to drive
boo-boo packed her bag and did a fabolous job
but i tucked in socks and undies afterward
papaya, miss organization, lost her tooth today and looks cute as a button
will show a picture when we get home on thursday
i have to remember to play "tooth fairy" tonight too

have a sinus cold, should head to bed and see if i can kick it

1 comment:

Kim's Kraziness said...

Enjoy your time away! Will be good for you to make the "big cheese's" heart melt for a while too!!! hehehe!!