Saturday, November 15, 2008

our "cafay"

oma, mommy and boo-boo went out for coffee and errands the other day
the big cheese had a doctor appointment
opa was attempting to nap on the couch
while papaya and bugsy got creative

i should have known something was up
when bugsy kept calling wondering where
we were and when we would be home

when we finally did arrive they had a "cafay" ready for us
oma was muttering "i don't do tea parties well, help me!!"
but much to even her surprise they did a great job
and all was very pleasant and enjoyable
the table in the kitchen was set
we had water (opa wasn't letting them make tea)
yogurt decorated with chocolate chips
and another with butterscotch chips,
along with cut up bananas
the surprise, we got paid to go! how exciting!
opa was very generous and gave the girls a tip too

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Aryssa said...

sounds like you guys had a fun day !