Monday, November 10, 2008

touching base

so i feel a little like i dropped off the face of the planet
last week we went to the big city and it was great
other than i had a whooping head cold
i just kept pumping tylenol cold and sinus
if i had been at home i would have been in bed
but i wasn't going to let that slow me down away from home

we ate good food, walked by the ocean, shopped
we also went to an irish pub for supper
where i declined alcohol because of my cold
the waitress nicely offered me blueberry tea
i had no idea! i thought i was getting herbal tea
what i received was MUCH better and definately
had some positive effects on my cold
the connoction is one shot grand marnier, one shot ameretto and stepped black tea was so good and so relaxing
highly recommend it!
then on the weekend i went to a quilt weekend
i managed to get the binding on boo-boo's quilt
that matches papaya's
i also got the top started on another quilt
so i felt like i had actually accomplished something

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Aryssa said...

i was wondering where you went !