Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bangladesh 2

rick called again this morning, which is actually the end of his day in dhaka
they had a "day off" of sorts, they had a meeting in the morning and spent a day in markets and did touring, it was their only "off" day in the trip
when he arises tomorrow, or when i go to bed, they will be boarding a plane to go to india
he won't be anywhere near mumbai or the attacks, same country, not same city,

they have been assured of safety from what can be seen right now
his time in dhaka was spent in giving medications, where they prayed for people if possible
one day they heard that the secret service was coming to check them out, remember this is a country that is controlled by Muslims, the place they were staying was only 5 km from an elkyda headquarters
at first the thought of the secret service caused concern, later they were pretty sure an agent came in plainsclothes, with a pen and a pad of paper and started to take notes of what they were doing, asking questions, checking things out
however, at the end in very broken english he pointed to his arm and said "lym disease" and held his chest and said "asthma", the man who was talking to him and was sure he was secret service felt compelled to pray for him, so he followed the leading of the holy spirit, took a bold step and prayed, the man left and no harm came to anyone
on another day they also went to the slums
where they saw families and children living in vile conditions
walking through open latrine pits
filthy and dirt, with children as young as mine, caring for their own siblings
no hope, no where to go
in addition to these already desperate, bangladesh is a flood plain and has a rainy season
the only accesible high points of ground in the country are the roads
when it begins to rain, people desert their homes and seek temporary shelter on the side of a road, they grab their six feet of road space and camp out there for weeks at end, maybe even a month, at this time of the year, disease is rampant and many die
many many die........i don't think i can fathom

i sit in a heated house, a comfy chair, with electric lights and a hot cup of tea

i go to the grocery store and pick up my groceries, and oh maybe a starbucks too, just because
do i really understand what it is like to go without? it is said that north america is in a recession! a crisis! is our crisis even comparable? is our "crisis" worth all the air time and discussion that the news stations give it?
and as i sit in my heated, lighted, comfy house i often feel very far from God
i see my bible on the table and pass it by more often than i should
sometimes in the course of my day, it seems that i have so much to do, that well, i don't have time
i often feel apathetic, maybe sometimes even justified in all the things that i have to do
my husband went to bangladesh feeling very similar to that
feeling a bit like God had lost relevance in the day to day and that he was an on-looker spiritually however, being there has re-shown him a very powerful, very real God that is truly active in this world in a way he never comprehended before, he has met with the Lord in a new way
the details of how he meet with the holy spirit are not mine to share, but i believe that when he comes home, he will be more than willing to share them
i know that God is here too, here where i live, where you live
i know that you don't need to go half way around the world to meet him anew
but i also know that my husband is exactly where God wants him right now and that he needed to go, that God wanted him there, that God has things to show and teach him that he didn't even expect
if you think of it, pray for him
with thanks, from me

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Kim's Kraziness said...

thanks for sharing your heart! will continue to pray for bil. we are so thankful that he is being blessed and is able to bless those whom he comes in contact with. love ya, K