Monday, December 8, 2008

not me! monday

Contrary to what anyone else may tell you
these things most definately did not happen in my house....
because I did not quit Christmas decorating on Saturday
then leave a pile of stockings and trim sitting in my office
and if you looked that pile would not
still be sitting where i did not leave it
and on the same saturday mentioned above
i did not also leave one, maybe two, or possibly three laundry baskets
full of folded clothes at the bottom of the stairs, that i walked by
but didn't touch all weekend
and i definately did not pick up those baskets on monday morning,
carry them back to the laundry room
and start to fold clothes into them that did not spend the weekend in the dryer
not me, no way!

1 comment:

TuTu's Bliss said...

I am not ducking my head in shame. I am not thinking to my self five kids and she still FOLDS laundry?? I have not, with only two, used the crib as an overflow clean clothes basket. Because I need it, she is still NOT sleeping with us. Nope not me