Sunday, December 28, 2008

christmas day

well our christmas day was certainly not what any of us expected
boo-boo's sickness kept her up all night
at midnight, bugsy decided to join the party and got terribly sick
somehow papaya slept blissfully unaware of the happenings
as the big cheese and i switched beds, made beds, arranged kids
rinsed out buckets again and again
by morning i felt bleary and weary
and my hands were raw from being washed over and over and over
gratefully, our non-sick child is very patient
and put up with the "ill" and simply tired members of her family very well
if it wasn't for papaya, we might have just cancelled presents till the next day
but i just couldn't look at her and do it
the two other sisters rallied, well barely, to the occasion
but boo-boo had to interrupt the plans for.....
well, a little break
this picture was taken at the end of the morning
you can tell that she was barely hanging on....
and right after the last present was unwrapped
she laid down on the living room floor
and passed out
we picked her up and laid her on the chair
which she didn't move from for most of the rest of the day
a little later in the day, not wanting to miss the festivities
the big cheese thought he would join along with the girls
and found his place on the couch
so papaya and i snuggled, read books
and assembled the toy from grandma and grandpa
all in all, it wasn't awful
except i felt terrible for boo-boo who had it the worst
took her a few days to recover from it too
so many things to be thankful for though
we were still together and could care for one another
we had food (though not many were eating), shelter and each other
as we look at the gift of the manger, we have a reason to hope and keep on
when i see so many who don't or won't

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Lena V said...

What did they eat, are you sure it was the flu? It seems to me that it could be something that they ate.