Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bangladesh 5

My hubby sent this Wednesday at 7:53 am B.C. time, which was 9:53 pm in India

Hi, we are currently waiting for our flight at the Hyderabad airport
Tomorrow morning we will be taking a short tour in London
and then flying into Calgary at around 4:00PM local time on Dec. 4th
I am feeling a bit better after taking antibiotics
My chest and head was very plugged up
I went with our doctor in the group
to get some antibiotics from a medical store and bought some yesterday
It cost about $1.40 to buy it over the counter and in Canada,
the same prescription would be about $50-$60
I am feeling very ready to be home now ...... sorry, the rest is just for this mommy :)

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Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Wow! I haven't read for awhile. I see lots of things have been going on in your lives!

A couple of posts ago you talked about R growing & feeling the Lord in a different way. What excitement!

I hear ya...warm home, electricity, tea (mine's coffee-with the southern pecan creamer thankyouverymuch). I know there is poverty. I know that with my brain. Why is it so hard to get to my heart? I feel thankful, but greedy.

Praying for you and your girls by yourselves while R's gone. Praying for R too.

Take care.