Saturday, December 20, 2008

camera play

i had just sat down at the kitchen table
with bugsy and a friend of hers
we were scrapbooking, LOL because i am not a good one
except maybe in my daughter's eye
however, she is so creative she doesn't take any suggestions anyways
she just likes playing with all the paper, ribbons, etc
and creating her thing...does that sound familar mom?
anyways, like i was saying, i sat down and looked out the front window
the frost was on the tree and the sky was this beautiful shade of blue
and i needed to catch it on picture

before i downloaded the pictures i thought i did a good job,
but realize now that i should have had a tripod
because you can tell i was moving a bit

i wanted to post the pictures though, just to show the contrast
the first picture i turned of the flash and slowed the shutter speed

the second one (below) i put on manual setting and let the camera do its own thing

same scene but remarkable difference in the end result

i have lots to learn in the world of aperture and exposure

1 comment:

Lena V said...

doing her own thing - you know that's ok, the picture's are amazing! what a gift!