Wednesday, March 10, 2010

you know you live in a small town

Okay some of you probably have never had the feeling.  Some of you live in big cities where you can live your life with a fair amount of anonymity.  You carry on your daily tasks and never run into anyone you know all day.

In a small town it is a little different than that.  Okay we have 5000 people, but you do tend to rub shoulders with the same people alot.

First of all people wave at you when you are driving.  Of course there are two camps "wavers" and you guessed it "non-wavers".  When we moved here 15 years ago I was a definite non-waver!  Who thought to notice anyone else on the one road that runs straight through town?  Anyways, I digress!

In a small town you see people you know or recognize all the time.  It is a part of life.  Most days it is kind of comforting.

However the other day, I realize how small SMALL is when an acquaintance stopped me in the grocery store to say that my daughter had called her on her cell phone.  Hmm?  I asked what she meant.  She relayed  back that my middle daughter had called and said that her sister was bugging her.  This acquaintance paused during the conversation and said "I don't think you got your Mommy!"  To which my daughter replied "That's not funny Mom!"  Remember her sister was bugging her.

So the conversation went on between my daughter and "Surrogate Phone Mommy".  Finally they got themselves straightened out when Phone Mommy told my daughter my name. 

So entirely bizarre.  I asked Phone Mommy how she knew it was my kids?  She said she put two and two together by their names.  I know we have been gymnastics moms together, seen each other at the beach and park....still bizarre!

It's a small town world after all!


mmichele said...

That is hilarious. And definitely the 2010s way in which we walk up to and hug the wrong leg.

The WoodLand School said...

What a hilarious story!

Christina said...

This made me laugh out loud. My kids aren't calling the wrong people on the phone yet, but I can completely identify with the grew-up-in-a-city-then-moved-to-a-small-town(well, 5,000 people) thing. I, after all, did the same thing. I also am a used-to-not-wave-but-now-I-do convert. : )

crochetgurl said...

Heheh. It reminds me of where I grew up. It was a town of 7000 people, but it's probably more like 6000 by now.

I remember walking around town on a normal day and getting 3-4 offers for rides from people waving at me. :-D

Stephanie said...

Wow, you really do live in a small town. I don't know how I'd like everyone waving at me where ever I went, hahaha. I'm sure it is comforting to know a lot of people in your town. That's so funny about your daughter's phone call.

larissa said...

great story. we live in a small town where everyone waves too - i don't mind the waving but going to the grocery store where everyone knows you and seems to have all the time in the world to gossip bugs me - i do not like all the gossip.

Lena V said...

This is just to funny, thinking you are talking to Mom and then.....Oh Oh! In a small town you can never quite get away from it all.

Rebekah said...

what a funny encounter! I can't even believe it's crazy!

Jessica said...

That story cracked me up (coming from another small town girl)