Monday, March 15, 2010

you know you live in a northern community when...

Okay, okay!  I know this is a little bit similar to my last post.  However, I can't resist.  So, there is no stopping me.

As some of you know I live fairly fair north.  During the shortest days of winter our sun doesn't come up before 8:30 and goes to bed early, like before 4:30.  Gets pretty long, dark and cold up here!

So, being the industrous Canadians that we are, we find to ways to recreate to keep us busy, out of trouble and possibly to keep us from going "squirrely" when winter descends down upon us.

One thing that I enjoy doing, other than my knitting, quilting, sewing, reading, is attending our local dojo.  A place to train in martial arts and other things, like karate, kickbox, point-fighting and kickbo.  Keeps me busy and hopefully healthy.

Soon, I am suppose to be competing in both kata (karate forms) and point fighting.  One sensei (coach) has been giving my team mate and I a little more focused attention to get us ready for the event.  He has been running us through drills, combinations and giving lots of tips of what to expect when we get there.

He is very good at what he does.  Very focused and passionate.  I really respect him and appreciate his coaching.

But the other day I just couldn't help laughing and laughing when he suggested that part of our training should be stump jumping!  Stump jumping you say?  Yes, you heard correct! 

His thought was that we could put a stump in our backyard and practise jumping on and off of it.  After I made a fool of myself laughing, I had to admit it really makes sense because it helps us move better vertically, control movement and be quick.

I just can't get over the image of my neighbours looking out their back window, calling their husband over and whispering "Oh honey, I really think she might have lost it this time.  Such a shame, she was such a nice lady!"

Oh the North!  What a great place to live!

Excuse me now, while I go find me a stump.


Meg said...

I love it! Every yard should have a stump. How great would it be to tell the kids, "go outside and give me 20 stump jumps!"

Christina said...

Laughing out loud! That's amazing. :D

Kim's Kraziness said...

You painted such a good word picture...ROFL myself silly!

mmichele said...

I'm sure your hubby has some good stumps for you.

Big Daddy said...

Stump jumping! Yes, I can imagine what the neighbors would think. As your bro, it leaves me wondering.

I must say the last couple of posts have been good for a chuckle.

Lena V said...

It had me laughing so husband said what's so funny I said "I'll let you read it in a minute" Is it the short days ....or is spring in the air....mmmm I wonder!

amanda said...

This made me laugh out loud! Even better if you take a newly handknitted sock out to photograph at the same time. That one always confuses my neighbours!