Thursday, November 5, 2009


Half the family has gone to the city two hours away for a concert
Two of us stayed home. We had all planned to go.
However our oldest has been sick the last few days
Two days of sore, achy, chills, headache...just like her mom had on the weekend.
Today we thought she was better, we were packed and gone
Although not far!
We had made it to the drive thru window at Timmy's
(that would be Tim Horton's for those of you who don't know)
When we heard someone getting sick in the back
Ugh! Smile at the lady in the window and hope she didn't hear it too!
Really, not the best place to get sick!
So we headed home
Two of us got out and three continued on their way
I really don't like having half the family gone
I really like to travel together
But they will be home late tonight
I wasn't suppose to be home, so I don't have anything pressing for today.
I am thinking that I am going to grab a coffee,
a good book,
a homemade quilt
and snuggle up and waste a few hours
See you later responsibility.....


Stephanie said...

It's never fun for those who have to be left behind, but sounds like you're going to make the best of it. Hope your daughter feels better real soon! :)

Farmgirl Cyn said...

YIKES! Imagine if you had gone any further!

stitching under oaks said...

oh man. hope your sweetie feels better soon...soo sorry for the disappointment. keep your hands washed - from one mama to another!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I know all this illness is coming my way....Schools in our area are starting to shut down. I just sent my boys to the All-County Music Festival today and tomorrow where they will be mingling with kids from all over -- I'm cringing to think what they'll be bringing home. But, I'm trying to be brave and not live in a bubble -- though I long for those days when I could keep everyone home and safe. I hope you're all feeling better.

Rebekah said... sad to be left behind. Glad that you made it home after the initial sickness, though. Being sick on the road is never fun

Renee said...

Not fun. Hope she's feeling much better soon. Being ill is bad enough, missing something great makes it worse.

raining sheep said...

Oh! that is too bad! There really are a lot of bugs going around. I was under the weather all week and just did not feel like myself. Mind you, it could have been the huge chinook that seems to be just hanging around Calgary this week. Nothing induces a headache and sinus issue like a huge drop in pressure.