Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a beary world

Boo-boo has been learning all about bears, both real and imaginary. So yesterday in school we made a little bear of her own. She wasn't being very cooperative when it came to taking pictures.She looks mad in this picture but she wasn't. I think she wanted to just go and have some quiet time with her new special friend.
I helped her cut the bear out, using big sharp scissors. Then she stitched around the whole bear and stuffed it. At supper time she finally picked out the eyes she wanted and we gave bear a little face.
A fun snowy day craft!


Stephanie said...

snowy!!! We have had some 70 degree days here yet. Your daughter looks so cute in the second photo clinging to her new little friend.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

She's precious. And so's the bear. Enjoy her now because -- speaking as a mother of a teenage girl -- there are many joyless days as we work our way through much angst.
-- Jodi

Rebekah said...

such a cute bear! Cute photos :)

Aryssa said...

ahaha! i believe you told me smithers was awesome because winnipeg gets to much snow, but yet i do recall that we haven't had any yet! :O

Alison said...

So cute—loving that jaunty red! And that sweater is adorable too—made by mama?

raining sheep said...

Oh how sweet! What a cute bear and she made it herself - so much more special. I love simple stuffed toys.