Saturday, November 21, 2009

boo-boo's 5th birthday party

So our little girl is turning five. Her actual birthday is next week but a weekend party was much easier to plan.
She decided that what she really wanted was to decorate cupcakes. At first she said cookies, but with a little hint she thought cupcakes were a fine idea.
She didn't want all her friends to come dressing up as a princess, prince or fairy. She wanted them to come in their regular clothes. So to accomodate the messy decorating, Mommy made everyone an apron they could take home. It was really an inexpensive project. We already had the pink duck fabric and we picked up less than half a metre of the car fabric for the boys.
We spent about half-an-hour decorating cupcakes.
Lots of icing. Lots of candy.
Lots of smiles.
Then my older two girls organized games for the kids. Any one need party planners? I might just have two up for hire.
They played musical chairs.
Pin the tail on the bear. As well as bean bag toss, treasure hunt and they spun the bottle for turns while they gave gifts. What a blessing our older girls were today!
In all, it was a great day for a great girl.
She is our little bundle of energy who grabs life by the tail, plays hard and climbs high.
Just today we found her standing on top of the bar stool trying to get something from the closet. Yesterday, she climbed across the washer to get something from the cupboard up above. Seems hard to keep her feet on the floor most times.
Yet, she's the one who often says, with a hug, "Momma, I love you too much!"
Melt my heart, I love you too my little sunshine!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Happy Birthday to Miss 5 - looks like a fun party!

Stephanie said...

What a fun party idea, the cupcakes are so colorful and I love the aprons! Happy 5th Birthday boo-boo!!!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday!!! Five is a great age...that party looks like it was oodles of fun!

crochetgurl said...

Awww, happy birthday to your girl. She looks so cute, and those cupcakes look really yummy. :-)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

What a great party. The aprons make a wonderful party favor giveaway and the cupcakes look yummy. Aren't older siblings great at helping out in a pinch. Many times my older two have helped "make" the party for their younger brother. Nice memories.

Kristyn Knits said...

Happy Birthday boo-boo!
looks like it was a wonderful party! and how generous of you to sew up aprons for all!

Kim's Kraziness said...

How funny that you called her Sunshine. We had our monthly family gathering and took some time to look at slides....giggle! As your mom described each of her kids she called you her sunshine girl! so appropriate as you do bring love and laughter into our life!! You are our sunshine also.
Happy Birthday Boo Boo...Auntie Loves you so much!!

t does wool said...

What a great party!!!!

stitching under oaks said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet as sugar little Boo Boo! I love birthday parties like this! Those aprons are a great idea! (I wondered why everyone was dressed alike!)

Rebekah said...

looks like such a fun party! I love the aprons you made and the cupcakes they put together

Renee said...

What a fun party!
Happy Birthday, 5 is a wonderful year!! :)

Alison said...

So fun!...and I, of course, am loving those cupcakes!...yum!