Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my rocking, socking groove

This is what is on my needles right now. I got to knit quite a bit on the weekend and then haven't touched them since. I have started my Christmas knitting and this lovely pair are for Papaya. I tried the finished sock on her while she was sleeping to ensure that I had the correct size. These were suppose to be for Bugsy but I thought I would run out of yarn as I only have two skeins. As it turned out there was still plenty left on the first skein. But who knew that?

Pattern: Most Basic Kid's Socks
Designed by: Evelyn Skae for Strings n'Things Designs
Found: Ravelry


CelticCastOn said...

hehehe so funny that you tried them on while she was sleeping :)
She'll love them!

Renee said...

I did that too - try stuff on the kids or measure them while they were sleeping. When they were really young I cut their finger and toes nails while they slept too... so much easier when they didn't move. lol

Great socks, she'll love them!

crochetgurl said...

How pretty! One of these days, I've got to learn how to knit socks! :-)

Stephanie said...

Love the color and they look warm too!

stitching under oaks said...

I can never figure out how to tell if you're going to have enough yarn or not either. That yarn is so nice. I like the colors in in a lot. I'm not a huge sock knitter, but when I see someone knitting them in fun sock yarn, it makes me want to start a pair.

Kelly said...

They are lovely! Beautiful colors :)