Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lenting children

So even though we aren't catholic, our girls are going to a great Catholic school.

During the time before Easter, the school participates in lent.  A time to abstain from something to help you focus on the Easter season and think about the sacrifices Jesus made.

Often choices are: chocolate; coffee, ice cream, TV, media, etc.  You know things that can be addictive.

However, I learned this week that children can take it a whole other way.

Like my youngest saying that her and her friend were going to lent from picking their noses and fingernails.

And my oldest deciding that she was going to lent from going to school.

Really?  At times they leave me speechless or doubling over in laughter.


Meg said...

Oh, this just cracked me up! I think I'm going to start using "lent" as a if my kids could "lent" a few things! Love the blog header--what a beautiful picture of you all!

CelticCastOn said...

HAHHAA They sound perfect to me :)

Holli said...

Oh Dear! Lenting from boogers -- that's hysterical!

Kelly said...

Hey, abstaining from nose picking is quite a sacrifice when you are a child! So funny :)

stitching under oaks said...

too funny...maybe I should "lent" from doing laundry. Hey! Your girls might be on to something here!

Christina said...

And I will add the desire to lent from doing dishes. :D Your girls are SO cute!

Lena V said...

They just are just the funniest, and they are my grandchildren, smart kids uh!