Saturday, March 26, 2011

Autumn shawl, wannabe

 This was really suppose to be done for the start of autumn.  Ahem!
Not sure what happened there.
However, since winter is still hanging around in these parts,
I have had many opportunities to enjoy this knit
Found the pattern and yarn on a trip to Victoria, BC last year.

The pattern is Silk Alpaca Babushka.  It is suppose to have a ruffle added all the way around the bottom edge.  After much thought, and the consent of my daughters.  I opted for the simple clean lines of no ruffle.  It is so the right choice for me!

The yarn is Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock Yarn.  A great yarn that wears really well.  Comfy and cozy!

The result is a shawl that I love to wear.  And thanks to my daughter, the new resident photog.


CelticCastOn said...

ohhh lovely! This yarn perfectly shows off your beautiful blues!
Glad you opted out for the ruffle.

raining sheep said...

Oh I LOVE that blue, it's like my favorite color in the world - makes me think of sky and ocean - none of which I can see here. I shoveled snow for two hours on the driveway this morning. It was so heavy I can hardly move now....and I am finishing homework. Sigh! Apparently the Island is supposed to have rain all week next week so no blue sky there either. I wish it was nicer there, I love going to the Island when the sun is out, but it does have that sad, forlorn look in the mist :)

Meg said...

Hey, you! Love those colors! I'm glad you're having a chance to wear a hand-knit--but it's hard to be glad about more cold weather now that it's spring. It is spring, right?

t does wool said...

it is beautiful and you look perfectly captivating in it~

Kim's Kraziness said...

Looks fabulous on you! And you look fabulous...what wrinkles are you talking about?

Larissa said...

Awesome shawl. and you look beautiful in it.